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Who we are

Apollo Helios is a solar consulting company. What we do is help home owners qualify for solar programs that fit them, their home, and their lifestyle. We bring the financiers and the installation company together with you, the home owner, to provide a complete and streamlined experience. 

our vision

Our goal is to educate homeowner on alternative energy.

Solar 101

Solar panels are full of photo-voltaic cells that absorb the suns’ rays and use their energy to generate en electrical current. The electrical current that is generated is DC (Direct Current) energy which is unusable for your home. With the help of an inverter, that DC energy is changed to AC (Alternate Current) energy which is allowed to flow through your home with integration of your main breaker.



If you live in the APS utility, you are at an advantage if you are looking to go solar! APS has an amazing net metering program where it measures the overproduction of your system and buys back the excess energy.


SRP is a Residential Solar Electric Program designed to connect home solar to SRP's electric grid.

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