Solar FAQ’s


Wrap the remaining loan amount or cost into your home and take advantage of the increased equity. Your buyer will no longer have a solar payment and possibly no utility payment either! Or they can simply take over the payments and enjoy the savings!

There is a 100% transfer guarantee built into the contract now so your buyer only needs to qualify for the home and NOT the solar and it is theirs! There is also a dedicated transfer team to assist you, the realtors, and potential home buyers in the process as well as to educate everyone about why solar is a great addition to a home.

  • Panels: 25 Years
  • Optimizers 25 Years
  • Inverters: 12 Years (Able to be extended!)
  • Workmanship/Roof Warranties: 10 Years

It used to but not anymore!

Not at all, we can qualify you and have it installed!

The catch is, utility rates are continuing to go up every year and solar costs have gone down but these great programs will not last forever. The pendulum is currently swinging towards solar, take advantage of it while you can!

Problem Solvers

Apollo Helios prides itself on solving everyday problems and providing eco-friendly solutions for home owners. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or by phone (623)224-1109. 

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