Utility and Solar

Utility and Solar


If you live in the APS utility, you are at an advantage if you are looking to go solar! APS has an amazing net metering program where it measures the overproduction of your system and buys back the excess energy. APS just finished year 2 of their 10 year Solar Export Rate program. They started year 1 with buying back power at 12.90c a kWh and year 2 with 11.61c a kWh.Year 3’s buyback rate is TBD by APS. Would you like to receive negative statements from your utility with a properly designed and installed solar system? Take advantage of these programs while they’re hot! The best day to go solar was yesterday!


If you live in the SRP utility, you will have four different components to look at while going solar.

  1. Solar monthly payment
  2. Monthly connection fee
  3. Monthly demand charge (varies by month/season)
  4. kWh charges (4c a kWh when you have solar!)

SRP designing requires more knowledge and expertise as there are more components than a utility such as APS. There is still a buyback for power at 2.81c a kWh and it is still absolutely a viable utility for solar! Let us educate you and make you an expert so you know the best option for your home and family.

It is our goal to design a system specific to your home and family’s needs, while understanding the utility in which you reside, so that we can help you make the best decision and see the greatest amount of savings. It is our privilege to be able to assist you in ensuring you are as informed as we are so that you know the best way to go solar and save! 

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